Manuals and Instructions

MC Chaton MAXIMA Rivet

(Now available with our premium MC Chaton MAXIMA crystals, Rivets give the perfect edge to shoes, handbags and textiles.)

Download Manual PDF - 5.2 MB


(Many PRECIOSA Crystal Components can be glued – find out how with this useful guide.)

Download Manual PDF - 1.74 MB

Sewing and Hand Application

(Simple and straightforward instructions show you how best to use our holed and set stones.)

Download Manual PDF - 1.62 MB

Hotfix Stones - Application

(This useful guide walks you through the steps of applying hot-fix stones to just about any fabric – including elastic fabrics.)

Download Manual PDF - 3.42 MB

Setting Stones in Epoxy Clay

(The best way to work with PRECIOSA Crystal Components and epoxy clay explained step-by-step.)

Download Manual PDF - 866.55 KB

Setting, Soldering, Platting

(Find the best way to combine PRECIOSA Crystal Components and metal findings in your creative collections.)

Download Manual PDF - 5.08 MB

Sticky Crystal - Application

(How to apply Sticky Crystal by PRECIOSA Crystal Components? Look into our application manual.)

Download Manual PDF - 3.65 MB

Pins - Application

(MC Chaton Rose VIVA 12® PINS can be applied either by hand or using mechanical force, creating thus a lasting bond with the carrier material.)

Download Manual PDF - 5.77 MB

Crystal Threads - Application

(This special handbook shows you how to work with one of our latest hot products – crystal threads.)

Download Manual PDF - 981.98 KB

Application - Crystal Net

(Soft, light and flexible, our stunning Crystal Net is the first innovation of its kind and literally covers whatever it touches in authentic Bohemian crystal.)

Download Manual PDF - 3.31 MB