Jorge Bischof special collection

Brazilian Soul collection with Preciosa Crystals highlights the energy of Brazil for the North-American audience.

The brilliance and energy of the Brazilian woman is translated into Brazilian Soul - special collection, developed by designer Jorge Bischoff to celebrate the arrival of his label to the United States. The luxurious creations will be presented during the brand's inaugural event at the Brickell City Center in Miami on March 30 with the presence of designer Jorge Bischoff. Genuine jewelry, the pieces will be made available to order.

The Brazilian Soul Collection exhibits the acclaimed skin of the snake python, which has its luminosity evidenced by leather details with snake metal texture in Miami Gold tone. A scarf, a sandal and a clutch make up the extremely exuberant combo, with design valued by the application of genuine bohemian crystals from Preciosa. They are hand-stitched stones in a composition of topaz, aurora borealis and white opal, reminiscent of the delicate look of tropical flowers. A real toast to power and elegance!

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