Privacy Policy

Preciosa will always respect your privacy. PRECIOSA, a.s. and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as Preciosa) pay adequate attention to the protection of your personal data.

These  “Privacy Protection Principles” will answer your questions about what data we collect and how it is used.  Also, we have included in this material the information on preventing your data from being collected or shared.  Preciosa reserves the right to amend or update the Principles at any time without a prior notice. If the Principles are amended or updated, they will be published here and any amendments will apply to any and all data gathered by Preciosa, including the data already gathered. 
Should you have any questions or comments upon the Privacy Protection Principles, contact Preciosa at its addresses on

What data do you collect and use?

We collect data on your visits. This is information on a service provider, type of browser, operating system, visits to our sites, and the dates and times of the visits that enables us to optimise your experience and to improve the quality of the time you spend on the Preciosa site. Also, we trace back the place from which you connected to the site. 
We may retain your name or possibly other personal data if you provide it. We may ask you to voluntarily furnish us with data on your personal or professional interests, demography, experience with our products, and the type of contact you prefer. This information may be combined with the other data about you we gathered through the Preciosa authorised distributors. We use this information to prepare customised offers to meet your interests.  For example, you may receive a special offer in your favourite destinations or you may be asked to participate in a survey.

Who do you share my personal data with?

We do not sell your name or private data to any third parties and it is not our intention to do so in the future either. We share the data with our authorised distributors and their subsidiaries on a regular basis. Preciosa may also send promotion offers within campaigns coordinated with marketing partners. Should there be a request for the processing of statistical information by an external entity, the objective data of research may be provided to third parties. These third parties are bound to keep the data confidential and sales of personal data are forbidden under the threat of strict sanctions. We may only share anonymous, non-personal and general data on our users with the third parties.

How does Preciosa use cookies and similar technologies?

Preciosa uses cookies, tags and similar technologies in order to increase the reliability and user comfort of the web sites. These technologies enable Preciosa to provide you with information adapted to your needs as well as to administer such information efficiently. If you do not trust cookies, it is possible to forbid their use on your browser. Go to your browser help menu to find general information on this technology along with the instructions on how to forbid the cookies.

How does Preciosa observe valid laws restricting marketing targeted at children? Specifically the on Children On-line Protection Act? 

If a child under 13 yrs in the United States gave Preciosa personal data without a consent of a parent or a custodian, the parent/custodian may send an e-mail to us and we shall remove the data and delete the child from all advertising mailing lists. Preciosa will take a similar action in other country to observe the same local or national laws.

How to notify Preciosa of my wish not to be approached for the purposes of promotion? 

We furnish you with Preciosa promotion offers only if you have shown a desire to receive them. A third party may act on behalf of Preciosa and carry out promotion campaigns for it, or to assist it with marketing database management. If you expressed your wish to receive promotion offers, you may choose to receive them by e-mail, phone or by post if you contact Preciosa on The execution of relevant changes will not take longer than one month.

How is my data protected?

 Preciosa uses relevant physical, electronic and management guaranties to protect the data you have provided to us.