Able to reflect 264 unique rays of light – the highest available on the market – this crystal masterpiece is simply unparalleled.

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Suitable for

  • Textile
  • Handbags
  • Shoes
  • Eyewear


The uses and applications of this item go far beyond these key sectors. Be inspired and let your creativity shine!

A Textile´s Best Friend


This new product range is available in foiled and hot-fix versions, both with a silver reflective layer, resulting in a substantial improvement in the overall visual impact. Ensuring greater light reflection and intensity, the silver layer, combined with our optimised cut, creates a sparkling effect sure to illuminate the forthcoming fashion seasons.

Likewise, a new satin layer, available in both foiled and hot-fix versions, also allows for easy and improved application to various textiles. The bottom of each stone is covered by an innovative layer of satin, giving it a white silver look, which not only eases application but also aesthetically enhances the product range. To be sure, the colour of this layer is designed so that its hue does not interfere with the impression of the stone itself, but rather allows for easy application to transparent materials on which the use of this premium product sensibly fits the luxury concept of the end product as envisaged by the designer.

Colours and Coatings


Be it today or tomorrow, we understand that colour range makes the difference. From Aurora’s pre-dawn misty blue hues to the late afternoon haze, every fashion season is all about colour choice, and our new MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA is available in a carefully curated yet varied selection of 48 colours and 25 coatings.

Our advanced technology also ensures that our colours and coatings maintain the maximum shade consistency, the entire process being strictly supervised by our Production and Quality Departments, who guarantee the highest standard and a minimal defect rate.

Application and Durability

Our new MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA is applicable to a wide range of materials, including denim and suede, as well as solid materials such as glass, metal and even plastic. These new stones are also available as a variety of fashion components, such as metal bandings, pins and in sew-on cups. The product additionally offers excellent resistance to washing of ironed-on stones be it on cotton, polyester or elastic materials, such as cashmere and silk, and embroideries made from yarns with metal fibres.

Always Responsible

This product range’s lead-free character gives it one of the most competitive price/performance ratios on the market and is easily certifiable and recognisable by our new packaging.


MAXIMA-quality Packaging

To protect the highest quality, guarantee safe shipment and easy identification of the product, we have designed new packaging for all of our MAXIMA-quality products. Serving as a new ‘proof of origin’, the new design is enhanced by a safety hologram seal including a VOID effect, 3D printing and QR code verification system against counterfeiting.

Our MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA ss4 – ss20 are delivered in thicker envelopes with added padding for better protection of the product during shipment and handling. Ss30 – ss48 are packed in convenient boxes.

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